Refractory Castables

We are a known Refractory Castables Manufacturer and Supplier from India. The Refractory Castables are available with us in a wide range including Medium Purity Insulating Castables and High Purity Dense Castable. These Refractory Castables are processed from aluminous cement (Calcium Aluminate Binders) and selected refractory aggregates. Our Refractory Castables can be made into refractory bricks of any size or shape.

Suitable For :

  • Quick repair work in :

    • Car tops

    • Rotary kiln linings

    • Arches/walls

    • Hearths

    • Industrial furnaces

  • Monolithic lining

Characteristics :

  • Good resistance to erosion and abrasion
  • Can withstand service temperature of 14500 C in oxidizing atmosphere
  • High refractoriness
  • Possesses good bonding strength and sets to a fairly hard mass
  • Rapid hardening properties
  • Highly suitable for monolithic construction work and casting shapes

Instructions For Use :
Refractory Castables should be mixed dry thoroughly and then wet mixing should preferably be done in a concrete mixer till the homogeneous paste of required consistency is made with water content in the range of 10-15%. The curing should start immediately after final set and should continue for minimum 24 hours to obtain high strength. The initial heat-up should start only after 48 hours of curing and air-drying. A careful watch should be maintained during the first heat-up.

Precautions :

  • Contamination with Portland cements etc. should be prevented
  • Re-tempering of the Castable once mixed is prohibited
  • Suitable joints may be provided in large sections in monolithic construction work
  • Should be stored in a cool dry place
  • The exact amount of water should be determined by trial batch

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